Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Gentlemen Baby Shower

So today I threw my first baby shower, I had NO idea how much went into to doing something like this but I think it turned out great! I went with a "Little Gentlemen" theme that contained bow ties, top hats, and chess. I think it went well!  We had mini cinnamon rolls bacon wheels and cookies dough egg rolls with ice cream. I'm really bad with shower games so we had everyone write a not of love or advice to the mommy and then decorated bibs instead!


$3.00 dessert tray

I wanted a dessert tray for a baby shower I was throwing but look and paying for one was not what I wanted so I headed to the dollar store (I love dollar stores!)

I picked up a flower vase and 2 plates

I filled the vase with some beads and rhinestones I had around the house. Hot glued it upside down to the large plate. Then glued the small plate on top!
 Really simple and took no time at all. I loved how it turned out.