Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So This is really random but I thought I would share with everyone my new buy that found made today. I Have recently decided to change my look over to more of a classic vintage pin up look. And That includes wearing lots of beautiful red lipstick. The problem was, my husband wouldn't let me kiss him when I was wearing it and I just cant not kiss my husband!! so I set out to find a stay on lip stick. Well today I found the PERFECT ONE!!! Let me share it with you! its made by Maybelline, its their Super Stay 24 2-step color. I got it in the color Endless Ruby. Its AMAZING!!! The color lasts through anything with out the embarrassing lipstick marks on glasses and so forth. Now I know that commercials show that kind of thing but I didn't believe it. Now I do! Not only that but the color is so vibrant and Beautiful. 

Also to day I also visited my new favorite new store The Rag and Bone
 (check them out at: or at I got two AMAZING pairs of horn rimmed sunglasses one pair red and the other white. Im pretty sure that it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! They are just what I have been looking for a very long time. I also got to met the owner of the shop while I was there and she is so awesome! I wish I would have had more time to look around. ahhwell next time. So if any of you are ever in State College, PA make sure you stop in there its a great vintage shop, and they get new stuff in all the time! any way thats my ramblings today I just had to share! 

Here is a black pair that kind of look like what I got!

Now Im a couple steps closer to completing my fashion vintage "update" 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sample Sale

There is a sample sale going on at my etsy shop pop on over and check it out!

Here are a few things you will find!

Memorial day

Met this cute little girl yesterday! she was sure adamant about having this flapper headband! And doesn't it look great! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Contest Time!!!!!

I would like to start a Contest! Im Looking for some simple graphics For my summer clothing Line So submit your ORIGINAL work to and the winners will be showcased on baby and kids Tshirts for sale on Etsy!
entries need to be submitted by April 30th!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gust Bloger Heather.

"I've always been an optimist, often accused of wearing rose-colored glasses and seeing the glass half full.  Never before did that trait serve me better than when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I was 36 years old, and my only child was just 3 1/2 months old.

It was on November 21, 2005 that I got my diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma.  I never expected a diagnosis like that, no one does.  It was supposed to be the most joyful time of my life, but I heard those three words, "You have cancer."

I had a choice.  I could either give up and curse God to wallow in self-pity, crying out "Why me, God?!"  Or...I could face this diagnosis head-on.  

I decided to put on those rose-colored glasses and do what any mother would.  I fought for my life so I could have the chance to raise my little girl.

Cancer is a true double-edged sword.  It was both the worst thing that ever happened to me and a great thing.  My life is forever changed for the better because of it, because I chose not to be a victim.  I chose to take a terrible situation and make it better, so I lost my fear.  I vowed to help other who were diagnosed with cancer, to give them hope because hope it the one thing people lose first in these situations.

Even though mesothelioma treatment is tough to endure, I did my best to find the good.  I went to the worlds leading specialist in the disease, who gave me hope that I could beat it.  After we scheduled the surgery to remove the tumor on Groundhog Day in 2006, I nicknamed it Punxsutawney Phil.  We renamed it "Lungleavin' Day," since it was the day my lung left.  Every year, we celebrate it.  It's a celebration of life, of conquering my fears, and of seeing the good that comes from these bad situations.  It's a celebration of hope.

If not for this cancer diagnosis, I would not know many wonderful people.  Amazing, strong people who are some of the toughest and most passionate I've ever met.  Other warriors against mesothelioma, people committed to raising awareness about this disease.  People who are wives, husbands, sons and daughters, all who in some way have been affected by mesothelioma.  I now call them my friends, and couldn't if not for my diagnosis.  

My life has so much more purpose to it, and I want to continue giving hope to those who need it."

Thanks Heather for sharing :) you can check out more @ :)

If there is anyone else out there who would like to be a guest blogger email me at

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Glitter Shoes Tutorial

I saw some Glitter shoes a few months ago and fell in love sadly I didn't buy them and then when I went to buy them every store was out!!!! even the online store was sold out. Not only that but they were $40 which for this cheep momma is really steep so this is my solution! I made my own.

I started with buying some CHEAP shoes. Yes they are a terrible color! hunter green, no thanks. but i just went for comfort and their shape. I paid $10.00 for them on clearance.

Next Tape off everything you DO NOT want glittered for me that was the inside (of course) I used some plastic bags to fill it in then put tape from the inside of the shoe. I would have preferred using scotch tape but all I had was packaging tape so that's what I used.

I also taped off the sole and the tip of the heal.

Then take this spray adhesive and spray the shoe! make sure to get it sprayed well, I would do it out side so you don't have to breath it in. 

Take your glitter It really doesn't take as much as I thought these two little things was enough with quite a bit left over.

Place the shoes covered in adhesive and place them on a piece of paper. I folded it in half so that I could easily recycle the glitter that doesn't stick back into the containers. Then Cover the shoes! Repeat the adhesive and glitter step at least twice for good coverage.

Give it a little while to dry  

Remove the tape you may need to do some touch up which I did with tack glue and the glitter. Then spray with this finish on them. This keeps the glitter from just falling off and helps protect them water and such. I did 2 coats of the finish .

Here is my finished product! I Just Love them and can't wait to wear them to church!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black and Paisley Pinafore Dress

I Loved How this turned out so much Im making a pair with shorts and seriously thinking about making them for myself!

You can purchase this adorable pinafore at: