Monday, November 14, 2011

lots of update and change!

I know that it has been a REALLY long time but hey I got pregnant had a baby and moved across the country life has sure been crazy. I have discontinued using Etsy because I was just not having any success I think there are just to many sellers on there and you get lost in the shuffle of things. but trust me that doesn't mean I haven't stayed busy crafting! I have done all sorts of things. I dont know if anyone even checks up on this blog anymore but Im going to post anyway! First im going to just post what I have been up to and hopefully keep it up after that. so here we go!

This was one of my favorite projects this chest was actually made by my GREAT-Grandpa And was is pretty poor condition when I inherited it after my grandparents passed away but I loved it just the same. I redid it when I first got married a couple of the legs had to be replaced and we sanded and painted it but I never liked how it turned out. So when we moved I broke out the paint! I really wanted it to be a statement piece. which is what I think it is!

This I also redid with the move. I just wanted something a little nicer and fun to store my kids diapers and wipes in sorry i dont have any before pictures :(

another move project I got 2 of these bar stools at a used furniture place in town for only $10! and boy did they have ugly seats but I took care of that with a really simple reupholster job. I just love the fabric!

This is what I did for my daughters room simple tissue paper and then added the jewel drops it looks like its raining!

The End of September I had had a little boy we named Alexander we call him Lex and with my daughter i HATED the bedding we got. it was expensive and didnt even fit! so this time around i decided to make it myself! and I must say that I love it!

Hats for my cute kids! I can post patterns if any one is interested!

We Blessed Lex at Church right away so that my parents could be there and I wanted to make his blessing cloths it was quite the undertaking I had never made a pair of pants before and I dont believe in using store patterns I make them up my self so it was quite the project. I also made the vest his bow tie and his button up dress shirt all with out patterns. And I couldn't leave out my little girl she needed a special dress for the occasion too! So there it is!

This project here was pretty last min. Saturday night i realized that Nazarie had grown out of all her dresses and the dress I made for blessing day I want to stay nice it is white after all so I got to work using scraps of a bed sheet I had lying around, I love to see little kids in black. I think its because they really dont sell things for kids that are black to often, But I cant resist adding rhinestones to little girl things! And I have to say her hair was quite a project as well I let her play with my make-up to keep her happy during it..... It was everywhere!

ok Last one promise. I have to admit that I like taking my kids to church looking good, I feel like if my kids look good, I look good! So this was my Saturday project this week, I found this navy and blue houndstooth fabric at the store and it just spoke to me! I was quickly obsessed with it. It was perfect for both boy and girl and I cant resist coordinating my family!


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the last pictures of the outfits. And N's hair thing is ADORABLE.

  2. Yeah, the houndstooth bit is my fav. :) I agree with you about the black, kids look classy in it. Nazarie looks like she loved the rhinestones. You're such a cool mom Jerusha.